Air Shocks - Mcguivers™

and other Accessories, for added comfort.

All movement in a hammock generates G-force... which has to go somewhere!

They work brilliantly... are extremely tough, & will  extend the life of any hammock considerably.


To understand how they work is really that they absorb all movement and stop this movement or "g Force" from tearing the fabric and damaging your walls.

The more shocks the softer & more comfortable your hammock will be!

A heavier person may consider placing a double pair of AIR SHOCKS on each side.

Our Air-Shocks or Mcguivers™ fit all hammocks & are patented and SABS tested & approved.


People use WRAPPERS, TREE-RINGS or a piece of CHAIN for mobile hammocks being clipped to beams, trees, poles or 4x4 Roofracks.

Wrappers are very versatile and can be used vertically or horizontally - weight of hammock tightens grip